Our Mission

We want to be part of this transition by being the expert trusted advisor companies need to incorporate sustainability into their realities. We believe this can be obtained while achieving a substantial and recognizable benefit for the company and all their stakeholders


Our Vision

We know that sustainability is a chance for companies to take action and be part of the economic and environmental transition that is needed today. We also know that this leads to rethinking risk management, business practices, communication and many other practices.

When adopted openly and proactively, sustainability is a powerful tool for business to become a positive force that creates wellbeing, fosters social progress and safeguards life on the Planet.

Positive Organizations (+ORG) is the evolution of B4B Consulting, a Swiss boutique sustainability advisory founded in 2015.  

We provide strategic consulting services and tailored solutions to private and public organizations wishing to fast-track their sustainability performance. Together we shape a path towards a continuous and measurable improvement of their sustainability performance and the related ROI.

+ORG works as a trusted advisor to entrepreneurs, top management, investors and public officials to make sustainability a strategic competitive advantage and a key component of the business model.


Our unique blend of down to earth, real-life business experience gained in senior management positions across five continents in the past two decades combined with a deep knowledge of the sustainability/ESG space allows us to inspire and assist leaders to drive purposeful and meaningful change inside organizations, within value chains, and across markets.

We intervene by analysing the current situation to identify, anticipate and understand the main drivers, and to harmonize strategy, structure and culture to develop an integrated, impactful approach.